The Death Star

This page is deprecated! Check out the New Death Star 2.0 here!

Death Star Features

- Over half a million custom definitions (including auto-generated)

- Over 10,000 standalone custom definitions (not including auto-generated)

- Comprehensive popups for every position, including heat maps and postflop diagrams.

- 'Death Star' profile especially designed for population analysis (range research)

- 'Tiderian Shuttle' profile especially designed for lag free real time gaming

- Efficient tools package for self-analysis using database

- Full support for installation issues and H2N issues

- Exclusive strategy videos for members

- By far the best tools package in the business regardless of skill level.

Please note this HUD is especially designed for 6-max cash games. Not recommended for Full-ring cash, MTTs or SnGs, although the HUD will still work.

Hint: Right click and choose "view image" to see a larger screenshot =)


Is this a standalone tools package?

No, it is a set of configuration files for the Hand2Note poker software.

Do I need a paid H2N subscription if I am playing 25nl and lower?

Technically no, but custom HUD configurations can only be used if at least 1 months subscription has been purchased in the past. so you will need to purchase at least a 1 month subscription if you haven't already.

Can I get a discount on H2N?

Absolutely, use the code H2N10HL when subscribing for a 10% discount off the first payment, whether it's 1 month or 1 year.

Can I make modifications to the Death Star? Is the configuration locked?

It's absolutely possible to make any changes and modifcations to the Death Star layout. Existing stats may be copied and modified. However, this does not mean that the config is unlocked. Death star stats and any derivitaves of them will not work when transferred to another H2N account. A fully unlocked config is available for $10,000 and may be resold (under a different name).

Is the install process difficult?

It used to be somewhat involved in the past. Now there is a simple .exe installer. However, there are some tweaks that should be made to the H2N software itself before everything functions optimally. A full explanation of this can be found in the installation tutorial videos. Also keep in mind that the HUD needs to be activated before use. This will happen automatically in most cases, but may take up to 24 hours.

Can you create me a custom HUD?

I am open to negotiation but in most cases it won't be cost effective for the purchaser. Having said that, if you have a lot of cash and value accuracy/quality over everything else then we can probably reach some agreement.

Can I upgrade to higher limits without paying the full amount?

Absolutely. The cost is simply the difference between the two products.

Is H2N better than Hold'em Manager or Poker Tracker?

H2N is significantly more powerful than both Hold'em Manager and Poker Tracker. Thanks to mass cloning features and auto-generated stats, it is possible to create exponentially larger configs than would be possible with a HM2/PT4 + Notecaddy combo. For example, a large HM2/Notecaddy HUD usually has around 500 custom definitions. The Death Star has 10,000 custom definitions by default. For each custom definition, H2N auto-generates an additional 50 stats. The Death Star hence ships with roughly half a million definitions compared to the typical 500 on a notecaddy HUD.

Of course, more power does not always equal better. H2N has some issues with bugs and doesn't always play nicely with every poker room. Many professionals hence choose to use HM2/PT4 alongside their H2N config.