The Death Star

Uhh, what is the death star?

The death star is the ultimate solution for analysis of poker data

It is a professional add-on for use with the Hand2Note tracking software.

Population analysis is the science of collating data on the entire playerpool in order to source aggregate values for various player tendencies. It can be used to devise default exploitative strategies which will significantly outperform GTO strategies in 99.9% of environments.

Death star tools are designed to be used both as a traditional HUD (heads up display) and also for detailed off-table analysis of specific opponents

Rather than running tracking filters the old-fashioned way, the death star functions as a large array of premade filters. Perform intense self analysis without the need to code a single filter

Packages available for all levels. Ranging from free configs (with no H2N sub required) up to the professional level Death Star tools suite.

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